Green Nature’s Best

Wildflower Honey

500 Grams

This Honey is produced right here in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
A sweet, rich, floral Honey that bears all the freshness from clean, natural wildflowers that grow so prolifically all over our Beautiful Island…Many wild  floral species are united into one harmonious blend.
A golden amber colour sets it apart from other Honeys.
Eat it right from the jar, or use it in your favourite recipes, substituting for refined sugar!

GNBI – We set the bar very high with this outstanding Honey.

A Taste of Prince Edward Island in a !

Buckwheat Honey

500 Grams

This Honey is produced in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
A deep, dark honey; rich with molasses undertones.
This Honey is created with a mix of grain crops and natural wildflowers.
A deeper taste, thick & oozing sweet flavour.
Just WOW! This would be amazing in Baking, Stir-Frying or any recipe using Molasses or Dark Honey or Brown Sugar!
Prince Edward Island produces some of the finest Honeys that can be found. We love producing food, and we are one of the BEST in the World!

They don’t call us Canada’s “Food Island” for nothing!

Pure Dark Maple Syrup


Pure, Authentically Canadian Maple Syrup.

This Maple Syrup comes from the clean, natural forests of New Brunswick, Canada. No additives, no preservatives, nothing to hinder this natural sugar.

A sweet, aromatic syrup, it hosts a sweet, rich Maple flavour that is clean and real. Superb on it’s own, great on waffles, pancakes and other breakfast items, and makes a great substitute for refined sugar in any recipe.

Adding an amazing Maple flavour and light sweetness.

Pure Amber Maple Syrup

This syrup, with all the flavour and aroma of Maple Syrup, but slightly milder in taste.

Lighter in colour, milder in flavour. This syrup doesn’t pack the same punch as our dark version. You will taste a lighter sweetness, gentle maple flavour and is a great substitute for refined white or brown sugar in recipes, with just a little added Maple taste!