Green Nature’s Best

About Us

A Company With Big Ambitions...

Green Nature’s Best begins with a story of hope, ambition and determination. With humble beginnings here in Prince Edward Island, Canada; we have big dreams to take Canada’s premium products and bring them to previously untapped markets.    

Our founder, Le Pham, a native of Viet Nam & now residing in Canada, has the extensive experience from Importing and Exporting from and to Viet Nam and around the World! Now, she has brought that experience to Canada, to Export our premium products around the Globe!    

GNBI’s biggest ambition is to send Only Canada’s Best products around the World.

With a distribution network  in place to receive these commodities, Le has the experience and network ready to go! 

Relationships built on trust, respect and mutual benefit..

Integrity, Quality & Experience…

GNBI has them all.

You can be assured that we respect all of our providers, manufacturers, distribution partners, customers and always strive to be the Very Best!

Le, with the Trade Commissioner of Vietnam, Consul General Kyle Nunas, on a visit to Prince Edward Island to promote the new alliances. This visit bears significant importance for PEI Exporters. Canada has signed a new trade deal with a number of countries, including Viet Nam. The New deal is called the Canada-CP-TPP.

About CPTPP please refer to

On January 14th, 2019 this trade agreement came into effect. Allowing exporters to benefit greatly from immense tariff cuts between our countries!

With a strong Vietnamese presence on PEI, this marks the start to new export markets and tighter trade relations with Viet Nam. With a growing economy in Viet Nam, and a thriving increase in wages, imports are more than welcome, and the populace has more opportunity to buy these goods and disposable income than ever before. Canada has incredible products and this deal provide a wide variety of new markets and consumers of Canadian products and Foods. If you’d like more info, please go to: