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Green Nature’s Best is committed to Importing & Exporting only, Safe, Natural, High-Quality & Authentic Products to Our Customers.  We are built on a Love of Nature, A Love of Food, a Commitment to Quality & Safety, and all this at an affordable price! Making Healthier Choices, using Sustainable Resources, Pure & Real products, we locate the Worlds’ Best Products, and bring them to Your table!

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The long held tradition of collecting Sugar Maple Sap to make Maple Syrup is still going strong in Canada.

This long process is simply a labour of love in Canada, and Maple Syrup is consumed all across the country!

Canada is the Worlds largest producer of Maple Syrup, producing more than 80% of the entire Worlds supply! We are bringing this to more of the World, so they can share our adoration of this natural sweet treat.

Everyone loves honey, right?

We have the most delicious, and sweet tasting 100% Natural Wildflower Honey ever! The Buckwheat? Simply divine!

The Honeybees sure are busy here in Prince Edward Island!
There is no comparison anywhere! We should know, we’ve tried most honey out there!

PEI Honey is outstanding in every way.

Photo by: Sandra Palmer

Maple Syrup & Honey

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Amber Maple SYrup
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Dark Maple SYrup
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